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"Your ability to learn and turn that into action is your greatest competitive advantage."

We created the Revenue Rockstars "How to" series, because we believe that great revenue management starts with you. The more you know, the more you can apply it.

Enjoy the Guides!



Learn all about the Hourglass Yo-Yo approach to budgeting. Useful tips, real life examples. A must for everyone who wants to move from good to great.

Learn how to create a kick ass budgeting pack and how to guide your audience through the budget presentation to the result that you want them to agree to.


Set up your accounts framework, analyse account KPI's, apply profitability & how yougroup your accounts to optimize revenues.

Learn how to create a bullet proof three step method for a winning strategy strategy and more importantly at what rate you need to close in order to win your RFP season.



Every rate has a past, a present and a future. Learn how to quickly take in all aspects of what makes a rate and how you can use this in your pricing and positioning. A must for everyone who wants to move from good to great.

Learn how to be confident in answering questions about "why that rate" and when to change your rates. This guide comes with an exclusive opportunity to sign up for Infinito`s Intelligent Comp Set Scans

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