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ITB Currywurst Walk:
Monday, 4th March, 17.30h in Berlin

The slightly different ITB event

What's in it for me?

TLDR: An Infinito Guided tour through Berlin (by a Berliner) where we invite you to the best currywurst and beer in town.

Long version

Join us for an exciting walking tour event (GuruWalk style) where we dive into the world of Revenue Management, Data, AI whilst seeing the sites of Berlin with likeminded hospitality professionals.


You will of course get a Currywurst and a beer (or two) on us. That's the least we can do if you going for a walk with us :-)


Our expert Berlin guide will share insights on Berlin whilst we share  practical tips, a bit of banter and real-life Revenue Management fun.

This is more than networking, walking and having a currywurst; it's about building lasting industry relationships.


Join us for an evening to remember.


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Let's do Currywurst!

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