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Meet our amazing global partners

Revstar Group
Revstar Group is a collective of hotel experts specialising in the areas of revenue management and distribution, reservations, sales, marketing and human resources.
Revstar Group applies a holistic approach when partnering with hotel operators and owners to optimise hotel performance across these business functions, with the primary objective of increasing revenue and building sustainable business practices that continue to drive performance and improvement into the future.

Specialising in Revenue, Distribution, Reservations, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources Support for Hotels.

Main Region: 
Australia / New Zealand
TrevPAR World
TrevPAR World is a hospitality data analytics company that specialises in total revenue management as well as hotel distribution including sales, marketing and social media.

TrevPAR Worlds main focus is to optimize profits by implementing a data driven strategy that allows one to track, adjust and maintain the performance of your business as well as the various outlets that the business has to offer. TrevPAR World owns multiple brands in the marketing, technology and media area serving all types of hotels.

360 degree commercial readiness - business audits - process and strategies implementation - Social Media - Outsourcing - Technology

Main Region:
Africa / South Africa
HMS Thailand
HMS Thailand provides revenue management services for the independent hotels and resorts. 
HMS Thailand develops pricing strategies to adapt to this trend. Based on guest price valuation and the constant change in demand, we create a dynamic pricing field that is able to react to such movements, each time a purchase is made. Combined with a business plan, weekly interventions, monitor competitor movements and forecasting, we provide daily insights in your hotel business. 

Revenue management Outsourcing, Hotel Management systems, Hotel website development, Reputation Management systems

Main Region:


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